Fuel, Oil and Heating Solutions

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Fuel, Oil and Heating Solutions

Aqua Regia (pvt) Ltd is proud to having a Fuel Services department which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your oil heating needs. Our dedicated staff of technicians is trained to work on all heating systems and we stock parts needed to keep your system running and to test your fuel either reliable or not our. Fuel services provide a strength and quality fuel for you heating system which make equipment life assured. Fuel Services team is certified, factory trained, and familiar with all makes and models. We are licensed, fully insured, and recognized as Trane Comfort Specialists. Our technicians receive regular updates in product and technological developments, and we use factory authorized parts and chemicals to ensure superior reliability. By hiring only the most qualified individuals and holding ourselves to a high standard of excellence, we exceed your expectations for accurate, lasting, and cost-effective results. Fuel Services, Inc. ensures the integrity of your heat exchanger isn’t compromised and safe conditions are maintained within your heating system.

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Our techs check for proper startup, operation, and shutdown and perform an extensive task through:

  1. Providing fuel additives
  2. Inspect oil tank and fuel supply systems
  3. Oil filter cartridge and pump strainer
  4. Check and adjust electrodes and controls
  5. Check and set oil pump pressure
  6. Inspect air filters
  7. Inspect and clean smoke pipe
  8. Inspect and vacuum combustion chamber and boiler sections
  9. Total system safety inspection
  10. Check operation of thermostat
  11. Test antifreeze, when applicable
  12. Adjust system to maximum efficiency
  13. Perform a combustion efficiency test
  14. Check for oil, air, and water leaks